Basal AP BackpropΒΆ

import numpy as np
import warnings

from neat import MorphLoc, CompartmentFitter
from models.L23_pyramid import getL23PyramidNaK

from plotutil import *

import pickle

    import neuron
    from neat import NeuronSimTree, NeuronCompartmentTree, createReducedNeuronModel
except ImportError:
    warnings.warn('NEURON not available, plotting stored image', UserWarning)
    SIM_FLAG = 0

## Parameters ##################################################################
# soma nodes branco
SLOCS = [(1, .5)]
# loc params
D2S_BASAL = np.array([50., 100., 150.])
# soma stimulus params
STIM_PARAMS = {'amp': 3., # nA
                      't_onset': 5., # ms
                      't_dur': 1. # ms
# simulation parameters
DT = 0.025
T_MAX = 300.
TC = 200.

# morphology color map
vals = np.ones((2, 4))
vals[0,:] = mcolors.to_rgba('DarkGrey')
vals[1,:] = mcolors.to_rgba('lime')
CMAP_MORPH = mcolors.ListedColormap(vals)


/home/docs/checkouts/ UserWarning: NEURON not available, plotting stored image
  warnings.warn('NEURON not available, plotting stored image', UserWarning)
def getCTree(cfit, locs, f_name, recompute_ctree=False, recompute_biophys=False):
    Uses `neat.CompartmentFitter` to derive a `neat.CompartmentTree` for the
    given `locs`. The simplified tree is stored under `f_name`. If the
    simplified tree exists, it is loaded by default in memory (unless
    `recompute_ctree` is ``True``). The impedances for efficient impedance
    matrix evaluation are also stored, and are by default reloaded if they exist
    (unless `recompute_biophys` is ``True``).
        if recompute_ctree:
            raise IOError
        print('\n>>>> loading file %s'%f_name)
        file = open(f_name + '.p', 'rb')
        ctree = pickle.load(file)
        clocs = pickle.load(file)
    except (IOError, EOFError) as err:
        print('\n>>>> (re-)deriving model %s'%f_name)
        ctree = cfit.fitModel(locs, alpha_inds=[0], parallel=True,
        clocs = ctree.getEquivalentLocs()
        print('>>>> writing file %s'%f_name)
        file = open(f_name + '.p', 'wb')
        pickle.dump(ctree, file)
        pickle.dump(clocs, file)
    return ctree, clocs

def calcAmpDelayWidth(res):
    Compute a number of AP amplitude, delay compared to start of simulation,
    delay of backpropagating AP compared to soma AP, and halfwidth
    dt = res['t'][1] - res['t'][0]
    # amplitude of peak
    res['amp'] = np.max(res['v_m'], axis=1) - res['v_m'][:,0]
    # delay of peak compared to soma
    res['delay'] = dt * (np.argmax(res['v_m'], axis=1) - np.argmax(res['v_m'][0]))
    # absolute delay of peak
    res['dop'] = dt * np.argmax(res['v_m'], axis=1)
    # width of waveform at half amplitude
    v_half = res['amp'] / 2. + res['v_m'][:,0]
    res['width'] = dt*np.sum(res['v_m'] > v_half[:,None], axis=1)

def runSim(simtree, locs, soma_loc, stim_params={'amp':.5, 't_onset':5., 't_dur':1.}):
    Runs simulation to inject somatic current in order to elicit AP
    global DT, T_MAX, TC
    global T_DUR, G_SYN, N_INP

    simtree.initModel(dt=DT, t_calibrate=TC, factor_lambda=1.)
    simtree.addIClamp(soma_loc, stim_params['amp'], stim_params['t_onset'], stim_params['t_dur'])
    simtree.storeLocs([soma_loc] + locs, 'rec locs')

    res =, record_from_iclamps=True)

    return res

def basalAPBackProp(recompute_ctree=False, recompute_biophys=False, axes=None, pshow=True):
    global CMAP_MORPH

    rc, rb  = recompute_ctree, recompute_biophys

    if axes is None:
        ax1, ax2, ax4, ax5 = pl.subplot(221), pl.subplot(223), pl.subplot(222), pl.subplot(224)
        divider = make_axes_locatable(ax1)
        ax3 =  divider.append_axes("top", "30%", pad="10%")
        ax4, ax5 = myAx(ax4), myAx(ax5)
        gs = GridSpec(2,2)
        ax_morph, ax_red1, ax_red2 = pl.subplot(gs[0,:]), pl.subplot(gs[1,0]), pl.subplot(gs[1,1])
        ax1, ax2, ax3 = axes['trace']
        ax4, ax5 = axes['amp-delay']
        ax_morph, ax_red1, ax_red2 = axes['morph']
        pshow = False

    # create the full model
    phys_tree = getL23PyramidNaK()
    sim_tree = phys_tree.__copy__(new_tree=NeuronSimTree())

    # distribute locations to measure backAPs on branches
    leafs_basal = [node for node in sim_tree.leafs if node.swc_type == 3]
    branches    = [sim_tree.pathToRoot(leaf)[::-1] for leaf in leafs_basal]
    locslist    = [sim_tree.distributeLocsOnNodes(D2S_BASAL, node_arg=branch) for branch in branches]
    branchlist  = [b for ii, b in enumerate(branches) if len(locslist[ii]) == 3]
    locs    = [locs for locs in locslist if len(locs) == 3][1]
    # do back prop sims
    amp_diffs_3loc, delay_diffs_3loc = np.zeros(3), np.zeros(3)
    amp_diffs_1loc, delay_diffs_1loc = np.zeros(3), np.zeros(3)
    amp_diffs_biop, delay_diffs_biop = np.zeros(3), np.zeros(3)

    # compartmentfitter object
    cfit = CompartmentFitter(phys_tree, name='basal_bAP', path='data/')

    # create reduced tree
    ctree, clocs = getCTree(cfit, [SLOCS[0]] + locs, 'data/ctree_basal_bAP_3loc',
                            recompute_ctree=rc, recompute_biophys=rb)
    csimtree = createReducedNeuronModel(ctree)

    # run the simulation of he full tree
    res = runSim(sim_tree, locs, SLOCS[0], stim_params=STIM_PARAMS)

    amp_diffs_biop[:] = res['amp'][1:]
    delay_diffs_biop[:] = res['delay'][1:]

    # run the simulation of the reduced tree
    cres = runSim(csimtree, clocs[1:], clocs[0], stim_params=STIM_PARAMS)

    amp_diffs_3loc[:] = cres['amp'][1:]
    delay_diffs_3loc[:] = cres['delay'][1:]

    # reduced models with one single dendritic site
    creslist = []
    for jj, loc in enumerate(locs):
        # create reduced tree with all 1 single dendritic site locs
        ctree, clocs = getCTree(cfit, [SLOCS[0]] + [loc], 'data/ctree_basal_bAP_1loc%d'%jj,
                                recompute_ctree=rc, recompute_biophys=False)
        csimtree = createReducedNeuronModel(ctree)

        # run the simulation of the reduced tree
        cres_ss = runSim(csimtree, [clocs[1]], clocs[0], stim_params=STIM_PARAMS)

        amp_diffs_1loc[jj] = cres_ss['amp'][1]
        delay_diffs_1loc[jj] = cres_ss['delay'][1]

    ylim = (-90., 60.)
    x_range = np.array([-3.,14])
    xlim = (0., 12.)

    tp_full = res['t'][np.argmax(res['v_m'][0])]
    tp_3comp = cres['t'][np.argmax(cres['v_m'][0])]
    tp_1comp = creslist[2]['t'][np.argmax(creslist[2]['v_m'][0])]

    tlim_full = tp_full + x_range
    tlim_3comp = tp_3comp + x_range
    tlim_1comp = tp_1comp + x_range

    i0_full, i1_full = np.round(tlim_full / DT).astype(int)
    i0_3comp, i1_3comp = np.round(tlim_3comp / DT).astype(int)
    i0_1comp, i1_1comp = np.round(tlim_1comp / DT).astype(int)

    ax1.plot(res['t'][i0_full:i1_full] - tlim_full[0], res['v_m'][0][i0_full:i1_full],
             lw=lwidth, c='DarkGrey', label=r'full')
    ax1.plot(cres['t'][i0_3comp:i1_3comp] - tlim_3comp[0], cres['v_m'][0][i0_3comp:i1_3comp],
             ls='--', lw=1.6*lwidth, c=colours[0], label=r'3 comp')
    ax1.plot(creslist[2]['t'][i0_1comp:i1_1comp] - tlim_1comp[0], creslist[2]['v_m'][0][i0_1comp:i1_1comp],
             ls='-.', lw=1.6*lwidth, c=colours[1], label=r'1 comp')

    # ax1.set_xlim(xlim)
    drawScaleBars(ax1, b_offset=15)

    myLegend(ax1, add_frame=False, loc='center left', bbox_to_anchor=[0.35, 0.55], fontsize=ticksize,
                  labelspacing=.8, handlelength=2., handletextpad=.2)

    ax2.set_ylabel(r'dend' + '\n($d_{soma} = 150$ $\mu$m)')
    ax2.plot(res['t'][i0_full:i1_full] - tlim_full[0], res['v_m'][3][i0_full:i1_full],
             lw=lwidth, c='DarkGrey', label=r'full')
    ax2.plot(cres['t'][i0_3comp:i1_3comp] - tlim_3comp[0], cres['v_m'][3][i0_3comp:i1_3comp],
             ls='--', lw=1.6*lwidth, c=colours[0], label=r'3 comp')
    ax2.plot(creslist[2]['t'][i0_1comp:i1_1comp] - tlim_1comp[0], creslist[2]['v_m'][1][i0_1comp:i1_1comp],
             ls='-.', lw=1.6*lwidth, c=colours[1], label=r'1 comp')

    imax = np.argmax(res['v_m'][3])
    xp = res['t'][imax]

                xy=(xlim[0], np.mean(ylim)), xytext=(xlim[0], np.mean(ylim)),
                fontsize=ticksize, ha='center', va='center', rotation=90.)
                xy=(xp, ylim[1]), xytext=(xp, ylim[1]),
                fontsize=ticksize, ha='center', va='center', rotation=0.)


    drawScaleBars(ax2, xlabel=' ms', ylabel=' mV', b_offset=15)

    # myLegend(ax2, add_frame=False, ncol=2, fontsize=ticksize,
    #             loc='upper center', bbox_to_anchor=[.5, -.1],
    #             labelspacing=.6, handlelength=2., handletextpad=.2, columnspacing=.5)

    ax3.plot(res['t'][i0_full:i1_full] - tlim_full[0], -res['i_clamp'][0][i0_full:i1_full],
             lw=lwidth, c='r')
    drawScaleBars(ax3, ylabel=' nA', b_offset=0)
        # ax3.set_xlim(xlim)

    # color the branches
    cnodes = [b for branch in branches for b in branch]
    if cnodes is None:
        plotargs = {'lw': lwidth/1.3, 'c': 'DarkGrey'}
        cs = {node.index: 0 for node in sim_tree}
        plotargs = {'lw': lwidth/1.3}
        cinds = [n.index for n in cnodes]
        cs = {node.index: 1 if node.index in cinds else 0 for node in sim_tree}
    # mark example locations
    plocs = [SLOCS[0]] + locs
    markers = [{'marker': 's', 'c': cfl[0], 'mec': 'k', 'ms': markersize}] + \
              [{'marker': 's', 'c': cfl[1], 'mec': 'k', 'ms': markersize} for _ in plocs[1:]]
    # plot morphology
    sim_tree.plot2DMorphology(ax_morph, use_radius=False, plotargs=plotargs,
                                cs=cs, cmap=CMAP_MORPH,
                                marklocs=plocs, locargs=markers, lims_margin=0.01)

    # plot compartment tree schematic
    ctree_3l = cfit.setCTree([SLOCS[0]] + locs)
    ctree_3l = cfit.ctree
    ctree_1l = cfit.setCTree([SLOCS[0]] + locs[0:1])
    ctree_1l = cfit.ctree

    labelargs = {0: {'marker': 's', 'mfc': cfl[0], 'mec': 'k', 'ms': markersize*1.2}}
    labelargs.update({ii: {'marker': 's', 'mfc': cfl[1], 'mec': 'k', 'ms': markersize*1.2} for ii in range(1,len(plocs))})
    ctree_3l.plotDendrogram(ax_red1, plotargs={'c':'k', 'lw': lwidth}, labelargs=labelargs)

    labelargs = {0: {'marker': 's', 'mfc': cfl[0], 'mec': 'k', 'ms': markersize*1.2},
                 1: {'marker': 's', 'mfc': cfl[1], 'mec': 'k', 'ms': markersize*1.2}}
    ctree_1l.plotDendrogram(ax_red2, plotargs={'c':'k', 'lw': lwidth}, labelargs=labelargs)

    ax_red1.set_xticks([]); ax_red1.set_yticks([])
    ax_red1.set_xlabel(r'$\Delta x = 50$ $\mu$m', fontsize=ticksize,rotation=60)
    ax_red2.set_xticks([]); ax_red2.set_yticks([])
    ax_red2.set_xlabel(r'$\Delta x = 150$ $\mu$m', fontsize=ticksize,rotation=60)

    xb = np.arange(3)
    bwidth = 1./4.
    xtls = [r'50', r'100', r'150']

    ax4, ax5 = myAx(ax4), myAx(ax5),        amp_diffs_biop,      width=bwidth, align='center', color='DarkGrey', edgecolor='k', label=r'full'),               amp_diffs_3loc,      width=bwidth, align='center', color=colours[0], edgecolor='k', label=r'4 comp')[-1:], amp_diffs_1loc[-1:], width=bwidth, align='center', color=colours[1], edgecolor='k', label=r'2 comp')

    ax4.set_ylabel(r'$v_{amp}$ (mV)')
    ax4.set_yticks([50., 80.])

    myLegend(ax4, add_frame=False, loc='lower center', bbox_to_anchor=[.5, 1.05], fontsize=ticksize,
                        labelspacing=.1, handlelength=1., handletextpad=.2, columnspacing=.5),        delay_diffs_biop,      width=bwidth, align='center', color='DarkGrey', edgecolor='k', label=r'full'),               delay_diffs_3loc,      width=bwidth, align='center', color=colours[0], edgecolor='k', label=r'4 comp')[-1:], delay_diffs_1loc[-1:], width=bwidth, align='center', color=colours[1], edgecolor='k', label=r'2 comp')

    ax5.set_ylabel(r'$t_{delay}$ (ms)')
    ax5.set_xlabel(r'$d_{soma}$ ($\mu$m)')
    ax5.set_yticks([0., 0.5])

    if pshow:

if __name__ == '__main__':
    if SIM_FLAG:
basal ap backprop

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