CompartmentFitter.checkPassive(loc_arg, alpha_inds=[0], n_modes=5, use_all_channels_for_passive=True, force_tau_m_fit=False, recompute=False, pprint=False)[source]

Checks the impedance kernels of the passive model.

  • loc_arg (list of locations or string (see documentation of) – MorphTree._convertLocArgToLocs() for details) The compartment locations

  • alpha_inds (list of ints) – Indices of all mode time-scales to be included in the fit

  • n_modes (int) – The number of eigen modes that are shown

  • use_all_channels_for_passive (bool) – Uses all channels in the tree to compute coupling conductances

  • force_tau_m_fit (bool) – Force using the local membrane time-scale for capacitance fit

  • recompute (bool) – whether to force recomputing the impedances

  • pprint (bool) – is verbose if True


Return type