CompartmentTree.calcSystemMatrix(freqs=0.0, channel_names=None, with_ca=True, use_conc=False, indexing='locs')[source]

Constructs the matrix of conductance and capacitance terms of the model for each frequency provided in freqs. this matrix is evaluated at the equilibrium potentials stored in each node

  • freqs (np.array (dtype = complex) or float (default 0.)) – Frequencies at which the matrix is evaluated [Hz]

  • channel_names (None (default) or list of str) – The channels to be included in the matrix. If None, all channels present on the tree are included in the calculation

  • with_ca (bool) – Whether or not to include the capacitive currents

  • use_conc (bool) – wheter or not to use the concentration dynamics

  • indexing ('tree' or 'locs') – Whether the indexing order of the matrix corresponds to the tree nodes (order in which they occur in the iteration) or to the locations on which the reduced model is based


The first dimension corresponds to the frequency, the second and third dimension contain the impedance matrix for that frequency

Return type

np.ndarray (ndim = 3, dtype = complex)