CompartmentTree.computeFakeGeometry(fake_c_m=1.0, fake_r_a=9.999999999999999e-05, factor_r_a=1e-06, delta=1e-14, method=2)[source]

Computes a fake geometry so that the neuron model is a reduced compurtmental model

  • fake_c_m (float [uF / cm^2]) – fake membrane capacitance value used to compute the surfaces of the compartments

  • fake_r_a (float [MOhm * cm]) – fake axial resistivity value, used to evaluate the lengths of each section to yield the correct coupling constants


radii, lengths – The radii, lengths, resp. surfaces for the section in NEURON. Array index corresponds to NEURON index

Return type

np.array of floats [cm]


AssertionError – If the node indices are not ordered consecutively when iterating