IonChannel.computeLinSum(v, freqs, e=None, **kwargs)[source]

Combute the linearized channel current contribution (without concentributions from the concentration - see computeLinConc())

  • v (float or np.ndarray) – The voltage [mV] at which to evaluate the open probability

  • freqs (float, complex, or np.ndarray of float or complex:) – The frequencies [Hz] at which to evaluate the linearized contribution

  • e (float or None) – The reversal potential of the channel. Defaults to the value stored in self.default_params[‘e’] if not provided.

  • **kwargs – Optional values for the state variables and concentrations. Broadcastable to v if provided


The linearized current. Shape is dimension of freqs followed by the dimensions of v.

Return type

float, complex or np.ndarray of float or complex