MorphTree.distributeLocsRandom(num, dx=0.001, node_arg=None, add_soma=True, name='dont save', seed=None)[source]

Returns a list of input locations randomly distributed on the tree

  • num (int) – number of inputs

  • dx (float (optional)) – minimal or given distance between input locations (micron)

  • (optional) (node_arg) – see documentation of MorphTree._convertNodeArgToNodes

  • add_soma (bool (optional)) – whether or not to include the possibility of adding locations on the soma

  • name (string (optional)) – the name under which the locations are stored. Defaults to ‘dont save’ which means the locations are not stored

  • seed (int (optiona)) – Seed for numpy random number generator


the locations

Return type

list of neat.MorphLoc