MorphTree.getLocindsOnPath(name, node0, node1, xstart=0.0, xstop=1.0)[source]

Returns a list of the indices of locations in the list of a given name that are on the given path. The path is taken to start at the input x-start coordinate of the first node in the list and to stop at the given x-stop coordinate of the last node in the list

  • name (string) – which list of locations to consider

  • node0 (SNode) – start node of path

  • node1 (SNode) – stop node of path

  • xstart (float (in [0,1])) – starting coordinate on node0

  • xstop (float (in [0,1])) – stopping coordinate on node1


Indices of locations on the path. If path is empty, an empty array is returned.

Return type

list of ints