MorphTree.plotTrueD2S(ax, parr, cmap=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plot an array where each element corresponds to the matching location in the x-axis location list. Now all locations are plotted at their true distance from the soma.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.Axes instance) – the ax object on which the plot will be made

  • parr (numpy.array of floats) – the array that will be plotted

  • cmap (matplotlib.colors.Colormap instance) – If provided, the lines will be colored according to the branch to which they belong, in colors specified by the colormap

  • kwargs – keyword arguments for matplotlib.pyplot.plot


  • lines

  • lines (list of matplotlib.lines.Line2D) – the line segments corresponding to the value of the plotted array in each branch


AssertionError – When the number of elements in the data array in not equal to the number of elements on the x-axis