NeuronSimTree.addNMDASynapse(loc, tau, tau_nmda, e_r=0.0, nmda_ratio=1.7)[source]

Adds a single-exponential conductance-based synapse with an AMPA and an NMDA component

  • loc (dict, tuple or neat.MorphLoc) – The location of the current.

  • tau (float) – Decay time of the AMPA conductance window (ms)

  • tau_nmda (float) – Decay time of the NMDA conductance window (ms)

  • e_r (float (optional, default 0. mV)) – Reversal potential of the synapse (mV)

  • nmda_ratio (float (optional, default 1.7)) – The ratio of the NMDA over AMPA component. Means that the maximum of the NMDA conductance window is nmda_ratio times the maximum of the AMPA conductance window.