NeuronSimTree.initModel(dt=0.025, t_calibrate=0.0, v_init=- 75.0, factor_lambda=1.0, pprint=False)[source]

Initialize hoc-objects to simulate the neuron model implemented by this tree.

  • dt (float (default is .025 ms)) – Timestep of the simulation

  • t_calibrate (float (default 0. ms)) – The calibration time; time model runs without input to reach its equilibrium state before the true simulation starts

  • v_init (float (default -75. mV)) – The initial voltage at which the model is initialized

  • factor_lambda (float or int (default 1.)) – If int, the number of segments per section. If float, multiplies the number of segments given by the standard lambda rule (Carnevale, 2004) to give the number of compartments simulated (default value 1. gives the number given by the lambda rule)

  • pprint (bool (default False)) – Whether or not to print info on the NEURON model’s creation