NeuronSimTree.setSpikeTrain(syn_index, syn_weight, spike_times)[source]

Each hoc point process that receive spikes through should by appended to the synapse stack (stored under the list self.syns).

Default NeuronSimTree point processes that are added to self.syns are: - self.addDoubleExpCurrent() - self.addExpSyn() - self.addDoubleExpSyn() - self.addDoubleExpSyn() - self.addNMDASynapse() - self.addDoubleExpNMDASynapse()

With this function, these synapse can be set to receive a specific spike train.

  • syn_index (int) – index of the point process in the synapse stack

  • syn_weight (float) – weight of the synapse (maximal value of the conductance window)

  • spike_times (list or np.array of floats) – the spike times