PhysTree.setPhysiology(*args, **kwargs)

Set specifice membrane capacitance, axial resistance and (optionally) static point-like shunt conductances in the tree. Capacitance is stored at each node as the attribute ‘c_m’ (uF/cm2) and axial resistance as the attribute ‘r_a’ (MOhm*cm)

  • c_m_distr (float, dict or float -> float()) – specific membrance capacitance

  • r_a_distr (float, dict or float -> float()) – axial resistance

  • g_s_distr (float, dict, float -> float() or None (optional, default) – is None) point like shunt conductances (placed at (node.index, 1.) for the nodes in node_arg). By default no shunt conductances are added

  • node_arg (optional) – see documentation of MorphTree._convertNodeArgToNodes(). Defaults to None