SOVTree.getModeImportance(locarg=None, sov_data=None, importance_type='simple')[source]

Gives the overal importance of the SOV modes for a certain set of locations

  • locarg (None or list of locations) –

  • sov_data (None or tuple of mode matrices) – One of the keyword arguments locarg or sov_data must not be None. If locarg is not None, the importance is evaluated at these locations (see neat.MorphTree._parseLocArg()). If sov_data is not None, it is a tuple of a vector of the reciprocals of the mode timescales and a matrix with the corresponding spatial mode functions.

  • importance_type (string ('relative' or 'absolute')) – when ‘absolute’, returns an absolute measure of the importance, when ‘relative’, normalizes so that maximum importance is one. Defaults to ‘relative’.


the importances associated with each mode for the provided set of locations

Return type

np.ndarray (ndim = 1)